Jessie is a third generation


   Visionary Spirit Guide Artist          

             Jessie is noted for her visionary ability and to connect to the Akhashic records, bringing forth higher truth and principles, presenting them in a concise, straightforward, applicable manner. You will discover how your soul is calling you, and your request for a reply for a rewarding future.  The aim of visionary art is to show what lies beyond the boundary of the sight, while using the images of visions and channeling or trances, to transcend the visionary states that transcend our regular modes of perception.

A list of my credits;

Reiki Master Teacher~ R.M.T.

Graduate of Institute of Children's literature

Intuitive/Psychic certification

Medical Assistant/L.P.N.

Hospice Volunteer

Currently work in ; CT, NY, RI, MA, VT, Fl, IA