Past Lives;

The unveiling of Past Life Readings now being offered. Over the past year Jessie began to work using voice vibrations, which has led her to do phone readings/ drawings. Her work has evolved over the past 25 years. She found that much of the time past lives have been meshed in with her spirit guide drawings and clairvoyant/intuitive readings, particularly with her Soul Portraiture's.

The amount of details is varied in each lifetime. It’s like a video, some are more detailed than others. I focus on the era and will fast forward to where I intuitively choose/need to be. My intent is to pick up the energy and emotions experienced in each lifetime. I feel this will enable the client to identify the issues that continue to come up for them in this lifetime. If a person is open minded and has a level of awareness it should assists them in their discovery of healing emotional issues that have plagued them with little understanding.

A past life regression, is a revelation through hypnosis, which is assisted by a regression therapist. Many people are not able to be hypnotized due to a strong ego this is when a past life reading is appropriate.

*A past life reading, is when a gifted person has the ability to look into your past life and can relate that information to you through communication verbal/written.

I look forward to meeting you in your many lifetimes.