Dear Jessie  

I received your package yesterday opened it and went through it. Absolutely amazing Love it! You are truly gifted.  Thank you for being part of my path. You have been an inspiration for me.

Thanks again,  Diana C

Hi Jessie,
Thank you for your lovely email! I'd been looking through my things to find the 3 spirit guides you had drawn for me, and finally found them. I wanted to show them to my friend, Rhonda, who is a psychic guide, here in Tao's. She loved them! I also found the past lives you got for me. One of them in particular was VERY relevant, I was a woman in Africa who had to give up her baby, as it was for the good of the village because there was so little food. You said that this particular life was one I had to forgive myself for in this lifetime...big time. It's so relevant because another friend, with intuitive gifts, had told me weeks earlier, I had to get in touch with my African roots.
Wild, huh? 


Dear Jessie
I am in receipt of the pictorial / write up. 
I had tears in my eyes reading and viewing. I felt a sense of peace and increased understanding of self. If that makes sense? You are dead on with everything. I will meditate tonight to see if I receive any info on the model T. Hard for me to read / hear messages from the Divine. Work in progress.
: ) I’m sure if not soon, than later it will make sense to me. You are very special and talented! There is so much to process. I will be in touch and hope one day I have the honor to meet you. 

Love and Light,

Hi Jessie, 
Just wanted to thank you again for generously sharing your time and knowledge with me for the Reiki Master Teacher certification. I can certainly say that I have learned from the best! I can't wait to get out there and bring the wonderful healing energy of Reiki to others who are interested and committed to this incredible process. Also, I love my Buddha bracelet!  I have it hanging on my meditation statue among my singing bowls.  It looks great there, very much at home.  Thanks again.  Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon.
 With love and gratitude,

Dear Jessie,
My name is Donna and I met you a couple of years ago at Fran's house.  You drew a picture of my guide, Olenka, and you told me my animals and colors.  Now, in hindsight, what really impresses me about our meeting is that you predicted a very big change in my life.
During that reading you said you saw columns and asked me if that had any significance in my life.  I was unable to relate columns to my life at that time.  In addition, you said you saw light coming out of these columns.  I never forgot that incident and looked for columns at every turn.  When I started dating I even hoped I would find columns in front of each man's house.  When I met Michael he swept me off my feet and I was rather disappointed when he responded to the negative when I asked him if he had columns in front of his house.
But, it hit me just last week (and it hit me like a 2 x 4 across the head), there are eight columns at the entrance to LAX Los Angeles airport.  And at night these columns emit light that changes color.  I moved in with Michael in November - he lives north of Los Angeles.  You saw that my life would change when I arrived at LAX!

Dear Jessie,
I was rushing around, as usual it seems, and I grabbed the mail
Came in, opened the tube, put down the rolled pages, to look at the
art, then sent you a note with a pic. 
Only after that did I open and read the 4 pages you typed up and sent.
I thoroughly enjoyed, and so valued, the explanation of all the art.
It moved me so, to hear it said, again, in so many words, ...that I am
feeling so blessed.  An angel on my shoulder, maybe Michael,...moved me
to tears of gratitude.
The notions of the support of Andros, and the connection of us is wonderful.
I feel so moved...
Thank you.
I'm off to the garden.
Love, Dickie

Hi Jessie,
Hope all is well with you.  Haven't heard from you in awhile.  Wanted to let you know what you have done this time!!!!
When I told you about Karl's ongoing nightmares, you suggested he ask Michael to protect him each night.  He does.
For his 50th birthday on September 25th I bought him a necklace/charm of St. Michael.  He loved it and has been wearing it night and day since then.  Well, not only has he not had one nightmare since then, but his snoring (sleep- apnea) seems to have disappated as well!  We've been married for 25 years, and for 25 years he has snored his fool head off each night!  In the past few years I've noticed that he stops breathing as well and then catches his breath with a very loud intake of breath and snores even louder!  I was going to have him tested for sleep, that has all stopped and he just breathes with a very slight and VERY quiet snore!  
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your suggestion and THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!!!
Love you!