Testimonies 2018--

Dear Jessie I received my Soul Painting it is wonderful. I love it!! I have put it in my bedroom and since I received it I have been dreaming which I haven't been able to do. I received it on Friday and thought maybe the dreaming wouldn't continue yet it did. Thank you so much,



Jessie I so enjoyed seeing your smiling and inspirational face. Heather was in awe of your abilities to "know" things.When we left we went out and picked up some green stones for Heather to carry with her.We both LOVE our artwork .I plan to tell my friends here and show all, our Soul Stamps. You are very Special.

Love to you Sherri CT

PS. Hava was fine once she got home, she loved you.


Jessie hope your enjoying the New Year and feeling well and productive.I think about you so often. Can't wait until we cross paths again.

Sherri CT


Good Morning Jessie; I'm finding that my Soul Stamp Painting you

finished for me has been a help (tool) to use during my Meditation.

The ability to connect has been instant.

Thank you again and again,

God Bless  Flo  NY


Dear Jessie, received your Soul Portraiture today.  Totally amazing.

I do feel I would like for you to do the Soul Stamp next.  These

visuals have helped me along my Spiritual path, and I'm eternally


Blessings to you,

Rhonda Ga


My daughter was happy you gave us permission to get her Spirit

Guide drawn, as she has been open for some time about the idea,

and you allowing her to have this completed, made her day..

Her age wasn't important it was her interest and acceptance is

the key.

The reading that came along with the drawing was just a bonus.. It

was so accurate. 

Hope to see you again this year when my sister comes to town.

Thank you Jessie

Dawn CT


Thank you Jessie for your precious gifts of Art. Once again you were very accurate. 3 years ago was spot on! Amazingly I've been strongly drawn to meditation first time in my whole life. I definetly feel more aware of the guidance I receive.
You have conformed many things for me, CT
Be Blessed