Jessie/Clairvoyant/Medium/Spirit Guide Artist


The Guide to Jessie's  work is here to the left.  It holds all the details; Spirit Guide work, Soul Portraits, "Spirit Alchemy" (channeled phone readings), Past Lives, Reiki Master/Teacher.

*My New Spiritual Addition;  "SOUL STAMP" tm


Jessie's readings leaves you feeling comforted, encouraged and cared for.

Her goal is to put you in touch with your highest purpose here on Planet Earth, along with using and identifying your Spiritual gifts, leaving you positive and empowered.  You will feel the "Divine Order"

NEW* Jessie is offering private sessions to assist those that want to open to their own Intuition, to honor their own gifts. The requirements are;  Open Mind, Practice, and light daily meditation.  Contact me through this site.

Have you ever asked yourself, why do I keep seeing the same set of numbers? Why all the coincidences lately? Do my dreams have meanings for me? Should I be having visions. Why do I feel there is something around me at times, touch on my shoulder, my back, or my face? How can I tell if the messages I receive are from my own mind or Spirit? I need to Identify what my abilities are, (gifts).

Sessions/class can be private or through phone/or e mail.

"Spirit is calling you" in fact calling all with any interest. For answers to any/or all of these questions contact Jessie through this web site.

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